Who we are

Diversity Consultants Inc., is a consulting firm specializing in Diversity Training Seminars. Diversity Consultants’ main objective is to offer empowerment seminars on topics such as diversity in the workplace, classrooms, sexual harassment, effective time management and various other topics concerning the workforce and community as a whole. For the last ten years, we have been pleased to say that our empowerment seminars and retention programs have been very effective within public and private sector businesses, governmental agencies, educational and health facilities.

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what we do

Reflective of our commitment to excellence, Diversity Consultants offers
mentoring programs to help underprivileged youth in the area of life skills
concerning pre-employment, breaking negative cycles, self esteem and the overall reconstruction of their lifestyles.

Culture Shock

Challenges to Triumph

“A must-read courageous life story.”

In his first ever autobiography, Darwin Kenney opens up and shares the struggles he endured growing up. Bullying, abuse, incarceration…Struggles no one, especially not a child, should have to endure, yet all struggles Kenney faced since he was young. Rather than allowing these struggles to tear him down, Kenney rose up, faced each challenge, and triumphed over every one.

A story about successfully overcoming challenges, Culture Shock: Challenges to Triumph is one to inspire. With the help of his family, true friends, football, and inner strength, Kenney yielded redemption and triumphed over his challenges. No child or adult is a stranger to challenges. Kenney’s story encourages everyone to rise up and triumph over the struggles in life.

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  • “The two seminars were action packed and informative, and everyone was in awe of the Customer Service interactive role play exercises demonstrated by Mr Kinney. The honest and down to earth approach presented held the entire audience spellbound for over an hour and a half.”

    Rotonda R Blackmon – Family & Social Services Administration – Assistant HR Manager
  • “Staff reactions to the seminar have been positive! The experience addressed not only the target areas, but branched out into other staff concerns. Overall, it was a success and definitely money well spent.”

    Kimberly Lyles – Department of Public Parks, City of Gary – Superintendent
  • “Diversity Consultants were committed to addressing the needs of our residents through their seminars with learning & teaching techniques to strengthen and enrich the residents lives with the skills they would be able to utilize anywhere.”

    Edwards L Bland – The Housing Authority of Gary – Executive Director
  • “Professionalism, high integrity and commitment are probably the best words to describe Diversity Consultants. Their program focused on motivating young people is dynamic!”

    Jeff Williams – Gary Chamber of Commerce – Executive Director
  • “I wanted to thank you for your “Breaking the Ice, Finding Your Comfort Zone While Speaking” . Theenergy you brought to the room was felt and talked about long after you had left. In fact, at theconclusion of our two day training session, the most requested portion of the seminar was your returnnext year. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you on future projects with our Supervisory staffand have your refreshing message delivered to our incoming class of EHS Reps.I was captured by your enthusiasm and ability to relate to our diverse field personnel (welders,electricians, mechanics, pipe liners, and office staff). If any future clients are considering your services,feel free to have them contact me. It was a pleasure.”

    Eric A. Williams, CIH, CSP – Supervisor of Health & Safety
  • “. . .very informative and the students felt comfortable talking with them. Students need strong andpositive role models such as the people from your company. I will be sure to use your service in the near future.”

    James Piggee – Horace Mann High School – Dean of Students
  • “The Gary court continues to work with Diversity Consultants. They provide valuable behavioralchanges and life/social direction to the clientele of our drug court program. The relationship has beenfruitful and extremely beneficial for all parties involved.”

    Deidre L Monroe – Gary City Court – Judge
  • “Diversity Consultants have had a tremendously positive impact upon the program. Many successes have been accomplished as a direct result of their instruction. They continue to this day, remain actively and sincerely committed to this program.”

    Valerie Levy – City Court of Gary – Court Administrator