Managment Training

When We Heal, The Family Will Heal

Diversity Consultants facilitate in Customer Service Seminars as well as other components that may interest you for your departments. We are very pleased to say that I have worked with the Human Resources Department as well as facilitating for the whole city of Gary last August in which was a major success.

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Nine Behaviors of Leadership

Developing People

A good leader not only develops his or her people as individuals, but also knows how to get the best out of people when they work on teams.

Influencing Others

Good leaders have a strong interest in the personal and professional development of their people. They encourage their staff to push beyond their limitation and give their personal best.

Encouraging Teamwork

A good leader understands the need for individuals to become team players. By breaking employees into small groups and giving them a simple problem to solve, you can teach them about the issue that arises for teams.

Empowering Others

Empowerment involves four dynamics: giving people important work to do; offering visibility and public recognition; encourage autonomy and helping them to establish networking skills.

Multiple Options Thinking

Exceptional leaders don’t stop at the obvious. They know the first answer they get may not always be the best answer, and even the “ right” answer may not be appropriate for a particular situation. There should always be at least four options to any given situation and when this way of thinking becomes habitual, new solutions appear.

Intelligent Risk Taking

Good leaders know how to analyze risks inherent in a particular course of action. They also know when an action is low risk or high and they know how to gain consensus from their staff.

Being Passionate About Work

Personal resources are equally important to the development of an exceptional leader. Good leaders continue to find ways to become better and pass their passionate and positive energy onto their staff.

Having a Strong Clear Vision

Without a clear vision the leader as well as those following are lost. The leaders ability to inspire and project into the future help others feel worthwhile in their own work and have a sense of purpose and direction. Communication is Key.

Stretching One’s Personal Creativity

An exceptional leader is always learning something new and willing to stretch out into other arenas and discover things they didn’t know. They also encourage and allow creative participation from their staff. Your staff will ultimately present ideas you never dreamed of.

Leadership Develops Daily, Not In a Day
True Leaders Become Role Models to Their Staff

Customer Service Training

  • How bad customer service affects your business.
  • What can I do to become customer service friendly?
  • The importance of body language and greetings.
  • How to turn a new customer into an old one.
  • The repercussions of business affiliations.

Keep in mind that customer service is the #1 thing that will make or break your business!

In this world called business we all have customers’ that by our product and that is the meat of our business. We should be privileged and honored that customers come through our door to spend their time, money, and energy to share their business with us. So what you need to do as a business in out community is to shape our customer service departments. The first thing we need to ask ourselves is how we like to be treated in the midst of purchasing and buying a product, whether it is a restaurant, grocery store, gas station or corporation. What you will find in this program are the basics of customer service — nothing fancy, only the facts.
Darwin S. Kenney Sr.