The Art of Goal Setting


See the goal, which gives you an idea of which steps to take.


You must believe you can reach the goal.


You have a goal you can actually achieve.


You should be positive and constructive and never harmful to yourself and your community.


You must understand what procedures it will take for you to remain stable in the process of reaching your goal.


Maintain Your Job and Lifestyle You Have Worked For It

  • DON’T – Frequently miss work
  • DON’T – Arrive late for your job
  • DON’T – Take on an aggressive attitude
  • DON’T – Express anger when work is criticized
  • DON’T – Break company rules and policies


  • Unfortunately, you are expected to fail
    …Don’t give society the satisfaction
  • Make sure the company you keep are positive and employed people
    …Birds of the same feather flock together
  • You must remain focused everyday
    …Vision keeps us on track
  • You must self motivate yourself
    …Tell yourself, yes I can do it
  • You must keep God alive in your life at all times
    …Remember prayer works


There Is One Sure Rule

  • No Matter How Hard Things Get, Don’t Put Your Freedom In Jeopardy.

The More Hooks

  • The More Hooks You Drop In The Water And The Better You Bait Them, Increases Chances Of A Strike.

Succeeding: To Succeed Depends On

  • Making Good Factors: What You Can Do.
  • What You Want To Do.
  • What It Takes To Get The Job Done.