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To Whom It May Concern:

    My name is Darwin S. Kenney and I am the proud owner of Diversity Consultants Inc., a consulting firm specializing in Diversity Seminars. Diversity Consultants' main objective is to offer empowerment seminars on topics such as diversity in the workplace, sexual harrassment, effective time management and various other topics concerning the workforce. For the last seven years we have been pleased to say that our empowerment seminars and retention programs have been very effective in public and private sector businesses, organizations, governmental agencies and educational and health facilities, reflective of our committment to excellence. Diversity Consultants also offers mentoring programs to help underprivileged youth in the area of life skills concerning pre-employment, breaking negative cycles and overall reconstruction of lifestyles. Feel free to review this website - it will be our pleasure to offer services to fit your business needs.

Mr. Darwin S. Kenney Sr., President

DHB & Associates
Agent: Deb Black
Phone: (219) 669-2211
Email: dkenney@diversity1on1.com


Booking: Deb Black 219.669.2211 dhbassociates818@gmail.com

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